New York is a city that is constantly in motion, yet many of us spend the better part of our days seated at the office.

From back and neck pain to wrist and elbow injuries from repetitive movements at the computer, many illnesses and pains are associated with sedentary jobs.

In order to reduce aches and pains and to promote overall health, we have developed a stretching series specific to the workplace.

Partnering with our corporate clients, we organize Stretching Labs for employees to learn how to effectively relieve pain while preventing injury at work. Proactive prevention can save companies time and expense related to employee injuries while simultaneously keeping employees engaged in wellness programing.

Education and training in the areas of ergonomics, proper work technique, and body mechanics can have numerous benefits to the workforce when paired with a stretching program.

Benefits of stretching at work include:

Prevention of Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) and soft tissue injuries

Improvement of muscular balance, posture, and coordination

Increased energy levels, focus, and concentration

Decreased postural and emotional stress

Hoping to increase productivity in the office while encouraging wellness?

A Stretching Lab may be an excellent solution.

Reduce distractions that come from the aches and pains of sitting uncomfortably all day while improving morale.

Our 2-hour stretching clinics incorporate all of the benefits of a well-developed stretching routine paired with on-site support from licensed professionals.

For additional details on this program, please contact us today.

*Research information, courtesy of American Council on Exercise